Alcohol Vendors Found Selling Illegally on Bangla Road in the Early Morning

Patong – Alcohol vendors were found selling illegally on Bangla Road in the early morning time according to local residents. Our previous story: Selling alcohol in foam boxes by vendors or pop-up style alcohol booths must be...

Patong Car Rental Operator Arrested for Parking Vehicles in Public Spaces

Patong – A car rental operator in Patong has been arrested after allegedly parking cars for rent in a public area near Patong Beach. The news came after a personal Facebook user first posted the issue...

Three People Injured After Triple Vehicle Crash in Kathu

Kathu – Three people have sustained injuries after a triple vehicle crash in Kathu. Emergency responders were notified of the accident on Tuesday (January 24th) on the Phra Phuket Kaew Road in Kathu at a U-turn...

Kathu Encourages Motorbike Riders to Use Helmets 100 Percent of the Time

Kathu – The Kathu district is encouraging motorbike riders to use helmets 100 percent of the time. A team of Kathu officials led by the Kathu district Chief Siwat Rawangkul and public health officials joined in...

Structures on Kamala Beach Removed After Complaints

Kamala - Structures on Kamala Beach have been removed after numerous complaints. The Kamala Administrative Organization told the Phuket Express that they have received complaints that a beach bed operator on the Kamala Beach allegedly encroached...

Phuket Taxi Driver Charged After Kicking a Motorbike in Patong

Patong – A taxi driver who was caught on CCTV footage kicking a motorbike in front of his taxi car was charged. The Patong City Police told The Phuket Express that the motorbike owner filed a...

Phuket Officials Inspect Homeless People in Patong

Patong – Relevant Phuket officials inspected homeless people and beggars in the Patong area this past week. Officials from the Phuket Protection Center for the Destitute told the Phuket Express that they inspected homeless people and...

Entertainment Staffer in Patong Arrested With Cocaine

Patong- A staffer at an entertainment venue on Bangla Road in Patong was arrested with cocaine after allegedly selling the illegal drug to tourists. The Patong Police told the Phuket Express that in the early morning...

Man Arrested In Kathu With 22,406 Meth Pills and a Half-Kilogram of Crystal Meth

Kathu – A suspect has been arrested with 22,406 methamphetamine pills and 570.59 grams of crystal methamphetamine in Kathu district. The Phuket Provincial Police told the Phuket Express that on Friday (January 20th) they have arrested...

Patong Celebrating Chinese New Year

Patong – Patong is celebrating Chinese New Year by decorating the city with red lanterns. The Patong Municipality is inviting people to take photos with red lanterns on the Patong Beach as the city is celebrating...

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