Fire evacuation drill held at nightclub on Bangla Road in Patong – PHOTO TOUR

Patong, Phuket -   A fire evacuation drill was held at Illuzion nightclub on Bangla Road in Patong this afternoon (August 18th). Our previous story:  A meeting was held last week at the Patong Municipality led by...

Phuket ‘Aqua Lumina’ event being held in Rawai to boost tourism – PHOTO TOUR

Phuket –   The ‘Aqua Lumina’, the “wonderful fluorescent under the Andaman Sea” (Organizer’s catchphrase) event is being held in Rawai, Phuket until the end of this month.  First, our previous story: A press conference was held...

Storm knocks down several large trees ,damages three houses in Patong-Photo tour

Patong –   Strong winds and heavy rains brought down several large trees and damaged three houses in Patong, Phuket today (May 12th). On Soi Na Nai in Patong, multiple massive trees had been broken down...