Thais Make Steps Involved in Viral Kicking Incident a Social Media Hotspot

Yamu Beach, Phuket-

These photos depict a viral land encroachment issue on a Phuket Beach where people are seen sitting on steps that have become a focal point of controversy. The incident involves a Swiss man named Urs ‘David’ Fehr and his Thai wife.

The steps in question were initially thought to be part of the couple’s private property, leading to a confrontation and alleged kicking incident with a Thai doctor and her friend who were sitting on the steps at night. However, it was later discovered that the majority of the steps were encroaching on public beach land and did not belong to the couple at all. Authorities have ordered the demolition of these steps.

Additionally, it was later discovered the property was a rental and not owned by the couple. In a situation that will likely frustrate the true owner of the condo, they are being summoned for legal action as well due to land encroachment onto the beach.

The incident gained widespread attention after a video surfaced online, showing the Swiss man allegedly kicking the woman who was sitting on the steps. The doctor, Thandao Chandam, later filed an assault complaint against him.

The Swiss man has apologized for the incident but still insists he slipped, which has caused many Thais online to not accept the apology. As a result, they have flocked to the steps and posed for photos and checked into the location in front of the rented villa, located in the upscale Yamu Beach area.

Photo credit Phuket Times.

Adam Judd
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