Phuket organizes annual Tenth Lunar Month Buddhism Festival

Phuket – Phuket locals joined in the annual Tenth Lunar Month which is an important Buddhism festival in the South of Thailand. People who mark this festival believe that their ancestors are temporarily released to this...

Thai-Chinese Hungry Ghost local tradition in Phuket is underway

Phuket – The Thai-Chinese Hungry Ghost local tradition in Phuket has started. The launch of the annual ceremony was held yesterday (August 14th) on the second floor at the Tessaban 1 Market or Ban San Market...

Buddhists in Phuket join candle ceremonies for Asahna Bucha, religious holidays continue

Phuket – Many Buddhists in Phuket joined in candle ceremonies (Wien Tien) on Asahna Bucha Day last night (July 13th) at local temples. Asanha Bucha Day is celebrated annually on the full moon day of the...

Five-day-long weekend approaching in Thailand to celebrate two major Buddhist holidays, starting Wednesday

National - Starting tomorrow, Thailand will have a five-day-long weekend as two Buddhist holidays are approaching on July 13th for Asanha Bucha Day and the 14th for the beginning of the Buddhist Lent while the...

Four-day holiday with two official events to be observed in Thailand, starting from Friday,...

National - The four-day holiday on the occasion of two official events in Thailand is held with the Royal Ploughing Ceremony on Friday the 13th and the Vasakha Bucha public holiday on Monday the 16th. The Royal...

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