UPDATE: Phuket Swiss Expat in Viral Alleged Kicking Incident Bailed But Banned from Working and Leaving Thailand

Phuket –

A Swiss Expat in Phuket at the center of a viral alleged kicking incident has been bailed but he is being banned from working and leaving Thailand.

Our previous stories:

A doctor was allegedly kicked and verbally assaulted by a foreign man and his Thai wife near a villa at a beach in Pa Klok.

A video of the incident can be seen here. It contains harsh language that could offend sensitive viewers.

A Swiss expat and his Thai wife have apologized to a Thai doctor and the Thai people for a viral kicking incident but the Swiss man still insists he slipped and the kick wasn’t on purpose.

A Swiss Expat has been charged with bodily and mind harm after he allegedly kicked a female doctor near his rented villa in Thalang.

Photos depict a viral land encroachment issue on a Phuket Beach where people are seen sitting on steps that have become a focal point of controversy.

Over 500 local residents gathered at Ya Mu Beach in Phuket to demonstrate against a Swiss national, Mr. David, who allegedly kicked a female doctor.

Phuket officials have ordered the majority of the stairs involved in the incident to be removed as they state they illegally encroached on the beach.

A villa owner at Yamu Beach in Paklok is going to face legal action after part of the villa encroached on the public area.

Stairs at the villa that had encroached to the Yamu Beach where a Thai doctor was allegedly kicked by a Swiss expat in a viral incident were demolished.

Deputy Prime Minister Anutin Charnvirakul Addresses Alleged Foreign Mafia in Phuket, Vows to Take Serious Action.

A legal long-term visa permit for staying in Thailand is to be requested to be revoked for the Swiss expat who allegedly kicked a Thai doctor in a viral incident last month that has dominated Thai media headlines.

A Swiss Expat in Phuket at the center of a viral incident who has a Business Visa may have it extended due to ongoing legal action, even as some Phuket officials and residents call for his immediate deportation.

The Phuket Immigration Office stated that they have officially revoked the visa of a Swiss Expat in Phuket at the center of a viral alleged kicking incident. He can request for bail during this process.

Now for the update:

Colonel Parinya Klinkaesorn, the Thai Immigration Spokesman, revealed the current situation to the Thai press.

“On Thursday night, March 7th, Mr. David was detained in the Phuket Immigration’s cell. He was bailed out on Friday (March 8th) by his wife for 100,000 baht. The lawyers involved gave the reason for the bail that Mr. David is in a court process of trying to legally defend himself in the alleged kicking case.

The Phuket Immigration has approved for a 30 day bail. However the bail is under four conditions:

  1. He must stay at the accommodation that he has registered with the Phuket Immigration.
  2. He must present himself to the Phuket Immigration every 15 days.
  3. He is being banned from any work or doing anything that offends Thai laws.
  4. He is being banned from leaving the country.

Colonel Parinya said to the Thai Media, “Mr. David has filed an appeal to the Phuket Immigration regarding his visa revocation asking for them to reconsider. He has his right to file the appeal. We are not worried. We are confident in our evidence that we have for his visa revocation.”

Additionally, the Thai Minister of the Interior, Anutin Charnvirakul, has personally said he would veto any appeal request, which he said is within his rights with his position.

Goongnang Suksawat
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