Patong Tuk Tuk Taxi Driver Fined 500 Baht for Assaulting Indian Passengers

Patong –

A Tuk Tuk taxi driver has been charged and fined 500 baht for attacking his Indian passengers in Patong.

The Patong Police told the Phuket Express that a dash cam video had gone viral on social media earlier this week. The video appears to show a group of taxi drivers arguing with a group of foreign tourists on a road in Patong. One of the taxi drivers in the video appears to physically assault one of the Indian tourists by hitting him in the face.

The Patong Police continued their investigation after the incident and found that a Tuk Tuk taxi driver had picked up five Indian tourists from Bangla Road in Patong to bring them back to their hotel. However, upon arrival at the hotel a furious verbal argument began about the taxi fee before the situation escalated and chaos began on the road which caused a public nuisance to road users.

The Tuk Tuk taxi driver who assaulted an Indian tourist, identified only as Mr. Chitnapong, was later arrested. He was charged with being a public nuisance and was fined 500 baht. He was also told to be good to tourists, which Chitnapong pledged to do so for the future.

The Indian tourists involved did not speak to the media or release a statement.

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