Russian Man Arrested for Cutting Police Motorbike Chain in Phuket on a Viral Video

Phuket –

A Russian motorbike rider was finally arrested after he successfully cut a police chain that had locked his motorbike parked in a no parking area and then sped away.

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The incident, which occurred on Phang Nga Road, has sparked widespread attention after the video went viral on local social media platforms on Friday, April 26th.

Now for the update:

The Phuket City Police Chief Colonel Pratueng Phonmana told the Phuket Express on Tuesday (April 30th) that they arrested the suspect identified only as Mr. German, 37, Russian national, at a house in a housing estate in Chalong. He was a wanted suspect in an arrest warrant issued by the Phuket Provincial Court over an accusation of damaging/removing police property (police chain).

Mr. German admitted to police that he did not have a driving license and had decided to remove the chain. He was afraid if he went to pay the fine he could face extreme penalties for driving without a license like in Russian (He did not mention the specifics on how much fines were in Russia). He bought the cutter for only 500 Baht instead.

Colonel Pratueng told the Phuket Express that there were four similar incidents recently in the Phuket City area. Motorbike Riders who were arrested will be suggested to Phuket Immigration to be deported and to have their visa revoked.

Additionally, the penalties for cutting a police motorbike chain in Thailand could be extremely severe as the chains were considered government property. Damaging government property could see fines as high as 500,000 baht and jail sentences as high as ten years.

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In a swift response to a citizen’s alert, Phuket City Police apprehended a Turkish man caught in the act of severing a police chain. The incident occurred in a no-parking zone in Phuket Old Town’s Phang Nga Road.

Goongnang Suksawat
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