Video of Foreign Man Cutting Police Chain Unlocking His Motorbike’s Wheel in Phuket Goes Viral, Causes Outrage


In a brazen act of defiance, an unidentified male foreign motorcyclist was caught on camera cutting a police chain used to immobilize his motorbike, which was parked in a no-parking zone in Phuket Old Town. The incident, which occurred on Phang Nga Road, has sparked widespread attention after the video went viral on local social media platforms on Friday, April 26th.

The footage appears to show the unknown foreign individual using a large cutter to sever the chain that Phuket City authorities had placed on his motorbike’s wheel. After successfully removing the chain, he gestured for silence to the onlooker filming the event before swiftly departing the area with his vehicle.

According to the person who posted the video, the man opted to purchase the cutter from a nearby shop rather than proceeding to the Phuket City Police Station to settle the fine. This choice has led to public commentary, with some noting that the cost of the fine would have been less than that of the cutter.

Phuket City Police Chief Colonel Pratueng Phonmana has informed The Phuket Express that law enforcement is currently reviewing CCTV footage in an effort to identify and locate the foreign man for subsequent legal proceedings.

The Phuket Express adds that the act of cutting the police chain constitutes damage to government property, an offense that carries legal consequences far above any fine for unauthorised parking.

In Thailand, the penalties for destruction of government property can be quite severe. While the specific penalty can vary depending on the extent of the damage and the circumstances, it generally involves a combination of fines and imprisonment. For instance, if the damage is significant, the offender could face a term of imprisonment not exceeding ten years or a fine not exceeding five hundred thousand baht, or both.

The community’s reaction to this incident has been mixed, with some expressing admiration for the man’s audacity, while others condemning the disrespect for local laws and even calling for the man to face the maximum penalty of ten years in prison, a 500,000 baht fine, and then deportation. The police are urging anyone with information on who the foreigner is to come forward as they continue their investigation into this defiant act.

Goongnang Suksawat
Goong Nang is a News Translator who has worked professionally for multiple news organizations in Thailand for many years and has worked with The Pattaya News for more than four years. Specializes primarily in local news for Phuket, Pattaya, and also some national news, with emphasis on translation between Thai to English and working as an intermediary between reporters and English-speaking writers. Originally from Nakhon Si Thammarat, but lives in Phuket and Krabi except when commuting between the three.