Thai Survey Reveals Overall Satisfaction with Government: 44.3 Percent Highly Satisfied, Only 2 Percent Fully Dissatisfied


On June 4th, 2024, Thai national media reported the results of a six-month public opinion survey on government performance, conducted by the Thai Ministry of Digital Economy and Society between April 22nd and May 15th, 2024.

The survey gathered information from 6,970 individuals aged 16 and older through direct interviews.

It was revealed that over 83.9% of respondents received and regularly followed government public information. Among these, 69.6% accessed information via television, 46.2% via Facebook, 23.8% through government websites, 16% from acquaintances and relatives, and 15.5% through Line.

Overall satisfaction with Thai government operations was mixed: 44.3% of respondents were very satisfied, 39.6% expressed moderate satisfaction, 14.1% showed little to no satisfaction, and 2% were dissatisfied.

Notably, individuals from southern Thailand, those with low incomes, and those without a bachelor’s degree expressed higher levels of satisfaction with the government compared to other groups.

The Thai government policies receiving the highest approval were the 30-baht healthcare scheme (68.4%), the debt suspension policy for farmers (38.9%), and the tourism stimulation policy (33.1%).

Regarding urgent measures the government should prioritize, 75.3% of respondents highlighted the need to control consumer product prices, 46.6% pointed to the electricity bill reduction measure, 29.5% called for fuel price reductions, 26.3% emphasized addressing illicit substances, and 16.9% suggested solutions for low agricultural prices.

This article originally appeared on our sister website The Pattaya News.

Kittisak Phalaharn
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