Thai Government Warns of Flash Floods and Heavy Rains Across 26 Provinces from May 18-25


On May 17th, 2024, Mr. Karom Phonphonklang, the Thai Deputy Government Spokesman, stated that the government issued a warning to the public to be vigilant for flash floods and runoff from May 18th to the 25th.

According to the Department of Disaster Prevention and Mitigation (DDPM), 26 high-risk provinces including 11 in the northern region, 4 in the central region, and 11 in the southern region could be potentially affected.

On May 18th, the Thai Meteorological Department issued a weather forecast for May 20th to the 23rd, indicating that the southwest monsoon covering the Andaman Sea, Thailand, and the Gulf of Thailand would strengthen.

Additionally, from May 22nd to the 26th, a low-pressure cell would cover the Mataban Gulf in Myanmar and was expected to intensify, resulting in increased rainfall and heavy rains in some areas of Thailand.

There would be very heavy rain in some areas of the western part of the northern and central regions, as well as the western coast of the southern region.

The public was advised to be cautious of heavy to very heavy rainfall and accumulated rain, which could cause flash floods and runoff, especially in foothill areas near waterways and low-lying regions.

The wind and waves in the Andaman Sea and the Gulf of Thailand would strengthen from May 21st to 26th. In the upper Andaman Sea, waves would be two to three meters high and more than three meters high during thunderstorms.

In the lower Andaman Sea, waves would be around two meters high and more than two meters high during thunderstorms. In the Gulf of Thailand, waves would be one meter high, and one to two meters high offshore, with waves exceeding two meters in thunderstorms.

Sailors in the upper Andaman Sea should refrain from sailing, while those in the lower Andaman Sea and the Gulf of Thailand should exercise caution and avoid sailing in areas experiencing thunderstorms.

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