Lost and Found: Phuket Police Help Chinese Tourists Retrieve Forgotten Phone

Patong —

On May 4th, 2024, Phuket local media reported on a group of Chinese tourists who had a phone retrieved after forgetting it in a van on the way to Patong on May 2nd.

According to Phuket local media, two Chinese tourists reportedly used a van service to travel to Patong at 2 AM on May 2nd. However, they left their phone in the van and reportedly used GPS technology to detect the latest location of where it might be.
They reportedly hired a local motorbike taxi and followed the GPS signal but it was not successful.
It was reported that they later sought aid from a Thai news agency to coordinate with relevant agencies to find their phone as it was very important for them, according to Phuket local media.

After receiving the report, the Thai news agency coordinated with Phuket tourist police and was able to successfully locate their phone. The two Chinese tourists received their phone back and they were very happy and impressed by the work of Phuket police.
The two Chinese tourists expressed their gratitude to Phuket police, good citizens, and the van driver who kept their phone and returned it to the rightful owners.

Kittisak Phalaharn
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