Thai Parliament Passes Marriage Equality Act by a Landslide, Paving Way for Legal Same Sex Marriage in Thailand

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Thailand’s parliament has overwhelmingly passed legislation that legalizes same-sex marriage.

On Wednesday, March 27th, 2024, the House of Representatives voted 399 to 10 in favor of the “Marriage Equality Bill,” with two abstentions and three not voting.

The legislation, which amends the Civil and Commercial Code, allows individuals of all genders to marry. Previously, Thailand only recognized marriage between men and women. Moreover, the legislation has also raised the legal age of marriage from 17 to 18 years old, and acknowledged same-sex spouses as “first-degree relatives”, granting them rights and duties equivalent to those of parents.

This progressive move makes Thailand the first Southeast Asian country and the third in Asia to recognize same-sex unions. It also marks a significant shift in LGBTQ+ rights in the nation and the broader region.

It will need approval from the Senate who due to the overwhelming level of approval across many party lines cannot veto the bill but can request amends. They are widely expected to approve the bill based on statements from current senators.

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