Update: Swiss Man who Allegedly Assaulted Elderly Woman at Trang Supermarket Banned from Leaving Thailand

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Trang –

A 60-year-old Swiss Expat who allegedly brutally attacked a 58-year-old Thai woman at a supermarket in Trang City is being detained at a court and being banned from leaving Thailand.

Our previous story:

The Trang City Police apprehended a man identified only as Mr. Straumann, a 60-year-old Swiss national, following an alleged attack on Mrs. Natchanan Khickkham, a 58-year-old Thai woman, at a supermarket in Trang City.

Now for the update:

The Trang City Police told the Phuket Express that the suspect, Mr. Straumann, is facing charges of causing bodily harm and causing severe injuries. Mr. Straumann has refused to sign and print his finger to consent to the accusation on documents. He also is facing charges of resisting law enforcement officers on duty. He was moved from the Trang City Police Station to the Trang Provincial Court.

The Trang Immigration Office told the Phuket Express that Mr. Straumann is now on the ‘Watch List’. He is being banned from leaving the country. About visa revocation, he has to wait for the final judgement from the court. In addition, the Trang Immigration has not received any report from the Trang Police that Mr. Straumann is a danger to the public.

Mr. Straumann’s ex-wife who is Thai and has been separated with him for two months was contacted by police and told police they were together for 16 years. He had never assaulted her and wasn’t a violent man according to her but she thought he might have had mental health issues after they were separated. He raised her children until they finished university, paying for their schooling in Thailand in full and according to her the incident was incredibly out of character for him.

The Trang Police told the Phuket Express that the court has agreed for a bail request with 500,000 baht and the ex-wife has agreed to pay but there is still no bail request from Mr. Straumann, who reportedly has told police he wants to just stay in jail.

Mr. Straumann was being described as uncooperative with all relevant agencies and officials and was allegedly refusing to speak to his embassy as well.

Goongnang Suksawat
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