Whale Shark in Krabi Found Stranded, Autopsy Reveals Fatal Boat Propeller Injury


At 6:35 PM, on December 9th, 2023, Thai Marine and Coastal Resource (MCR) officials publicly revealed an autopsy result on the remains of a whale shark stranded on Koh Pa Hu Sia, Mueang, Krabi, on December 8th.

The MCR officials performed an autopsy after local residents reported that they found a whale shark stranded on Koh Pa Hu Sia. The remains of the whale shark were a grown female Rhincodon Typus in previously good health.

However, the whale shark’s right head had a serious wound which was assumed to be damaged by a large boat propeller. Furthermore, it was reported by the MCR officials that a 40 cm black plastic bag remnant was found inside the stomach.

The exact cause of death was reportedly from the boat propeller which caused the whale shark to die immediately. The MCR officials would investigate further in a laboratory and dispose of the remains in the local area.

Kittisak Phalaharn
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