Survey Shows Most Thais Think “Mafia” Holds Sway Over Police and Politicians

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Most respondents in an opinion survey conducted by the National Institute of Development Administration, or Nida Poll, believe that certain Thai police officers and politicians covertly serve and protect influential figures with mafia-like power in the country.

The survey, conducted in the wake of a police officer’s murder, allegedly connected to a prominent political figure in the Nakhon Pathom province, asked 1,310 people across Thailand to gather their opinions on the potential connections between individuals with significant influence and state officials in Thai society.

The study took place from September 12th to 14th, with participants ranging from 18 years old and over of various educational levels, occupations, and incomes.

According to the survey, when asking the respondents if there are any influential or mafia-like individuals in their province, it was found that:

  • 49.54% stated that there were no such people in their area.
  • 26.34% identified local politicians.
  • 15.95% mentioned village chiefs, sub-district heads, assistant village chiefs.
  • 15.80% pointed out the police.
  • 13.21% indicated government officials at central, regional, and local levels.
  • 12.14% cited gray-area businessmen, entrepreneurs, and gray-area investors.
  • 5.04% referred to national-level politicians.
  • 4.81% acknowledged local gang members and thugs.
  • 2.44% specified military personnel.
  • 0.76% mentioned community leaders and committee members.
  • 0.38% included mass media, entertainment industry figures.
  • 5.95% did not know/did not respond/were not interested.

When asked if they have the nerve to raise concerns against influential figures, the survey found:

  • 60.30% stated absolutely not.
  • 16.34% mentioned they would rather not.
  • 12.75% said they are somewhat able to do so.
  • 9.08% said might possibly.
  • 1.53% did not know/did not respond/were not interested.

When asked if they are confident in the protection and fairness provided by police officers and state officials when they face problems or conflicts with influential figures, the survey showed:

  • 38.93% expressed that they are not confident at all.
  • 37.10% mentioned they are not very confident.
  • 13.51% asserted they are somewhat confident.
  • 9.92% said they are quite confident.
  • 0.54% did not know/did not respond/were not interested.

Finally, when asked if they believe some state officials and police officers secretly protect influential figures, the results were as follows:

  • 59.77% stated they believe it strongly.
  • 26.49% mentioned they somewhat believe it.
  • 8.32% said they believe it to some extent.
  • 4.35% expressed they don’t believe it much.
  • 1.07% did not know/did not respond/were not interested.

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