Top Thai Police Pledge to Crackdown on Highway Mafia Groups After Shooting of Policeman

Nakhon Pathom –

General Surachet Hakparn, Deputy Police Commissioner and Thailand’s most well-known cop, has announced a plan to clean up mafia networks including those extorting bribes from overloaded trucks in Nakhon Pathom.

Our previous stories:

The sub-district headman invited a group of the highway police for dinner. The sub-district headman was talking with Major Siwakorn and the sub-district headman allegedly asked for the promotion of another highway policeman. The discussion did not go as was planned. The gunman came in before opening fire at the dining room table.

A sub-district headman (Kamnan) has surrendered himself to police after a highway policeman was shot dead in Nakhon Pathom.

A gunman who shot a Thai highway policeman to death in Nakhon Pathom was shot dead by the Central Investigation Bureau (CIB) Police after escaping to Kanchanaburi.

Now for the update:

General Surachet told TPN media “A significant amount of evidence at the shooting scene was cleared and inspected including CCTV footage. The DNA of everyone at the scene was also collected.”

“Police found ten guns inside the sub-district headman ‘Kam Nan Nok’’s house. He has a huge network of construction businesses in which overloaded trucks are being used on many main roads in Nakhon Pathom. He knows many highway police and other high ranking police in the area,” General Surachet explained.

“We are now trying to clean up all so-called mafia networks including those extorting bribes from overloaded trucks in Nakhon Pathom, many connected with Kamnan Nok.” General Surachet noted.

Kamnan Nok has still denied all charges and planning the shooting.

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The Thai Royal Police is in hot water following allegations that some of its officers are extorting bribes from overloaded trucks in exchange for turning a blind eye.

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