Owners of Thai Fireworks Warehouse that Exploded and Killed Eleven People Surrender

Narathiwat —

A Thai couple who owned a fireworks warehouse that exploded and killed 12 people handed themselves over to the Thai police on Saturday, August 5th.

First our previous story:

Owners of the devastated fireworks warehouse were suspected to have fled to Malaysia.

Now for our update:

On July 29th, a fireworks depot in Narathiwat’s Su-ngai Kolok district exploded and claimed 12 lives, injured 121 people, and caused damage to 292 houses.

Following the incident, the owners of the depot, identified as a Thai couple, Mr. Sompong Nakul and Ms. Piyanuch Peungwirawat, were believed to have fled to Malaysia to try to escape legal consequences.

Closely after arrest warrants were issued for them, the couple turned themselves in to police at the Sadao police station in the southern province of Songkhla where they crossed from Malaysia yesterday. They were then escorted to the Muno police station in Narathiwat for further inquiries.

The results of a full investigation are expected in 7 days, according to local Narathiwat media reports. The couple will reportedly face charges including negligence resulting in fatalities, along with the unauthorized import and sale of fireworks. These actions are deemed violations of the Firearms, Ammunition, Explosives, and Fireworks Act.

The suspects reportedly turned themselves in to face justice after fear of being lynched due to rising death threats on social media were directed at the suspects. Although they had fled to Malaysia, the close-knit Muslim community in the area were apparently looking for the couple for possible self-justice, leading them to return to Thailand.

As of press time the suspects remain in Thai police custody facing the interrogation and court process. It is unknown if they will be eligible for bail, but unlikely, notes TPN media.

The fireworks explosion triggered a series of inspections at fireworks factories across Thailand just a few months away from the popular Vegetarian festival in which many fireworks are used as part of the celebration, especially in Southern Thailand.

The original article originally appeared on our sister website The Pattaya News.

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