Thai Cabinet Approves Entrance Fee Hike on Monuments and National Museums for Foreigners

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Entrance fees for foreign visitors at ancient monuments and national museums in Thailand will be increased based on the Cabinet’s order last Tuesday, July 25th.

The fee remains unchanged for Thais to “ensure that visiting cultural and heritage sites does not impose an additional financial burden on Thai tourists,” Ms. Trisulee Trisoranakul, Deputy Spokesperson for the Prime Minister’s Office, stated.

The increase will be applicable to all foreigners, regardless of their marital status with Thais, whether they have children, have work permits and pay tax, or are merely passing through as tourists.

The full list of increases are as follows:

1) Historical Parks (Archaeological sites):

  • Foreigners: 120-200 baht per person (previously 100 baht)
    Thai: 20 baht per person (remains the same)

2) Archaeological Sites or Important Places:

  • Foreigners: 80-120 baht per person (formerly 50-100 baht)
    Thai: 10-20 baht per person (remains the same)

3) Small National Museums:

  • Foreigners: 80 baht per person (previously 50 baht)
    Thai: 10 baht per person (remains the same)

4) Medium Size National Museums:

  • Foreigners: 120 baht per person (formerly 50-100 baht)
    Thai: 10-20 baht per person (remains the same)

5) Large National Museums:

  • Foreigners: 200 baht per person (previously 100-150 baht)
    Thai: 20-30 baht per person (remains the same)

6) National Museums with High Visitor Traffic (e.g., National Museum of Bangkok, Art Gallery):

  • Foreigners: 240 baht per person (previously 200 baht)
    Thai: 30 baht per person (remains the same)

The adjustment is due to the fact that the old fees had been in effect since 2008 and do not align with the increasing costs of preservation, restoration, and maintenance of historical sites, Trisulee said.

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