Missing Thai Teen Girl, Last Seen with Murdered British Boy, Found Deceased in North Thailand

Lampang –

A missing teen female who was last seen accompanying a murdered British/Thai boy to meet with an older Thai man was found deceased and buried in a forest in Lampang, Northern Thailand.

Our previous story:

The deceased teenager, Ben, 16, was found in a grove in the Ban Than district with injuries resembling blunt force, local police reported on Sunday morning, May 7th.

A suspect has been arrested and reportedly admitted to Thai police to murdering a 16-year-old British/Thai teenager who was found dead with head wounds in a forest in Lampang province, northern Thailand, earlier this week.

Now for the update:

On Saturday (May 13th) Region 5 Police revealed to Thai media that police received a clue that something smelled very badly in a forest grove near the Mae Tan – Sobprab Road in Sandon Kaew, Mae Tha. A search was launched by police, local residents, and the female teenager’s relatives.

The young woman’s body was found buried in the grove and her relatives confirmed she was the missing teen, identified due to her age only by her Thai nickname of Ping Pong, 16.

A severe wound was found on the back of her head. However, her body was taken to a hospital to find the exact cause of death and to scientifically confirm her identity.

The main suspect, Chaiwat Boonkarin, 44, in the death of Ben, also 16, had previously refused to speak about Ping Pong, although he admitted to murdering Ben. Chaiwat claimed he had met the teens in the forest to discuss a drug deal, although this is still being investigated by Thai police. Chaiwat stated that he murdered Ben in a fit of rage after the two got into a verbal argument regarding the deal.

Ben’s family has pledged to ensure the suspect, who they called pure evil at a re-enactment of the crime, faces the full justice of the law with Ben’s father, Steven, 60, stating he would do everything in his power and hoped to see that the killer rotted in prison.

As previously stated, Chaiwat had not admitted to the murder of Ping Pong as of press time and only had admitted to the murder of Ben. Chaiwat was reportedly claiming that someone else had come and killed Ping Pong, but police were not convinced.

Chaiwat had just been released from prison eight months prior and had an extensive criminal history, including rape and assault, added Region 5 Thai police.

TPN Media gives its sincerest condolences to the friends and family of the victims.

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