Early Voting Takes Place Across Thailand in Advance of General Election

Chonburi —

The atmosphere of advance voting both in and outside of election constituency 8 and 9 of Chonburi province this morning, May 7th, was quite hectic as over 40,000 people are set to cast their votes today.

This scene was repeated this morning across the country, including in Phuket, as voters came out across Thailand to cast their vote in Thailand’s future.

In TPN Media’s home coverage area of Pattaya, many people came out early in the morning to head to the polling station at Muang Pattaya 2 School in order to avoid traffic congestion on Sukhumvit Road and the hot weather, The Pattaya News team reported. TPN Media owns The Phuket Express.

The Banglamung District Office and the Election Commission officials were present at the polling station to check voters, provide guidance, and facilitate the voting process.

In Chonburi, there are a total of 29,173 people registering for early voting in constituency 8, while constituency 9 has a total of 9,977 people.
Voters are cautioned to stay hydrated and avoid excessively being exposed to the sun to avoid heat-related illnesses.

Nationally, people are also urged to report any irregularity they may witness during the election by calling 191 or 1599 at any time, or by contacting the EC hotline at 1444.

The actual election is next weekend when the majority of the public will vote, May 14th. Like this weekend, an alcohol sales ban will be in effect from 6PM on May 13th to 6PM on May 14th nationwide in Thailand per Thai election laws.

Adam Judd
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