As Thai Elections Near so Does War of Words on Legal Cannabis

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The Department of Thai Traditional and Alternative Medicine iterates to the public that it is against the law to sell cannabis to children under 20 years old, pregnant women, and breast-feeding women, following a viral video clip that shows an unidentified teenager smoking weed.

Dr. Tewan Thanirat, deputy director of the department, told a press conference on Wednesday, April 26th, that the department was concerned about the teenager in the footage because he was violating the law by smoking cannabis at a young age.

Those who sold the plant to the kid may be subject to a legal penalty, including one-year imprisonment or a 20,000-baht fine, as outlined in the Controlled Herb (Marijuana) 2022 notification issued by the Public Health Ministry, Dr. Tewan stated.

In a case where the teen grew the marijuana by himself, his parents would face legal action similar to those for allowing their child to smoke tobacco or consume alcohol, he added.

Apart from this, the deputy director stressed that cannabis should not be sold to breast-feeding women and through vending machines.

It also should not be sold near prohibited places such as temples or places for performing religious ceremonies, dormitories, parks, zoos, and amusement parks.

“The main objective of the Public Health Ministry’s cannabis legalization is to offer citizens access to the plant and use it for medical purposes,” Dr. Tewan said. “The benefit of this decision is that people now have easier access to traditional medication.”

With elections only a few weeks away in Thailand the war of words between cannabis supporters and opponents have steadily increased.

There have even been public confrontations between prominent members of both groups like here.

Adam Judd
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