Recent Bus Shooting in Phuket Prompts Transport Operators to Tighten Measures


Following the recent bus shooting that left two people injured on February 10th, Phuket transport operators are tightening security measures to prevent a recurrence.

The male suspect identified as 25-year-old Mr. Nawin Chuaykleang of Krabi province died by suicide after shooting and injuring two people. The injured victims are in a safe condition.

The gunman, who is also an ex-conscript, was believed to have suffered from a mental illness.

Following the incident, Mr. Adcha Buachan, an official from the Phuket Land Transport Office, told The Phuket Express that relevant officials are advocating for the implementation of a new measure to screen passengers for weapons before allowing them to enter the transportation service premises.

The measure, however, remains only an idea as there are many obstacles, stated Adcha, adding it is beyond the authority of the Land Transport Office.

So, as a primary solution, transport operators were instructed to record the names and telephone numbers of each passenger. Adcha said that the searching of passengers must be done carefully if the measure was mandated.

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Tanakorn Panyadee
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