Public Health Minister announces “victory” of cannabis decriminalization in Thailand

Buriram –

Public Health Minister Anutin Charnvirakul declared the success of cannabis decriminalization during his visit to the cannabis expo opening ceremony at Chang International Circuit in his hometown Buriram today, June 10th.

The Minister stated in his opening speech that he would like to thank the Buriram people who had inspired the Bhumjaithai Party’s legalization of medical marijuana policy 4 years ago.

Anutin said: “There is no more policy of six cannabis plantations because now you can plant as many cannabis trees as you want at the back of your house. Marijuana is no longer an illegal drug, but it is a plant that will bring medical benefits, create more job opportunities, and earn money from households to industrial levels.”

“Thank you Buriram people for the support to the very end until the legalization policy was successful. Bhumjaithai Thai Party can do as they promised. Today is the first day of the Cannabis Expo in Buriram. The event also celebrated the success of the launch of the medical cannabis policy. However, we have to remind and build awareness to our brothers and sisters across the country about the benefits of cannabis plants and other cannabis-related products.” Anutin continued.

Additionally, the Deputy Prime Minister also stated that the idea of becoming intoxicated because of cannabis consumption was only a backlash from those who opposed the legalization idea and did not want to put the advantages of marijuana first.

“We use cannabis to treat insomnia because eight low-THC substances are currently listed on the national list of essential drugs. Instead of using sleeping pills imported from abroad, the medicines from domestically-grown cannabis are way cheaper. Therefore, we must not allow anyone to obstruct the old traditional treatment and beliefs of Thailand,” Anutin added.

Thousands attended the victory rally in Buriram, seen as a major policy win for Mr. Charnvirakul.

Photo Courtesy: Prachachat

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