Thai FDA launching “Plook Ganja” application for registration of homegrown cannabis and hemp plantations

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  The Thai Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is launching the “Plook Ganja” mobile application (literal title, “Plant Ganja”) for the public to conveniently register a cannabis plantation after homegrown cannabis and hemp planting will officially be allowed in Thailand on June 9th.

FDA deputy secretary-general Dr. Withit Saritdeechaikul revealed on Wednesday, June 1st, that the application was developed following the FDA’s approval of domestic plantations, except cannabis extracts containing more than 0.2% of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), for health and/or commercial purposes without authorization. However, planters must register on the application to alert the FDA.

เปิดตัวแอป ปลูกกัญ
Dr. Withit Saritdeechaikul // PHOTO: Prachachat

The application “ปลูกกัญ” will be available for both IOS and Android systems. The registration can also proceed on the website Starting June 9th, the registration can be done in just 3 simple steps: 1. Register 2. Fill out planters’ objectives. 3. Receive electronic notification documents.

The completed registration will inform the authorities of the number and places where cannabis and hemp plants are grown across the country. It will also be a source of information for entrepreneurs to seek raw materials to produce cannabis and hemp products for the domestic markets, which will also result in economic stimulation according to the government policy.

TPN notes that as of press time a Thai ID card number appears to be required to register and that there has been conflicting information on if non-Thai nationals will be allowed to register.

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