Phuket immigration assisted 1,800 Ukrainian and Russian tourists last month with travel issues

Phuket – 

Phuket immigration officer spokespeople revealed over 1,800 Ukrainian and Russian tourists came to receive aid during the month of March, most with travel-related issues due to the ongoing Russia-Ukraine war.

Yesterday, the Phuket immigration inspector Anirut Pattarawiwat revealed 1,830 people including Ukrainians and Russians in Phuket affected by the conflict came to receive assistance with visa extensions from March 1st to March 27th.

Moreover, the officers said they had collaborated with the Russian Embassy and had offered the provision of special-price accommodation and assistance for those who could not proceed with financial transactions due to sanctions. The information on March 27th revealed 9,725 tourists (8,545 Russians and 1,184 Ukrainians) demanded to stay in Phuket, and more are still coming.

However, TPN notes, overall Russian tourists, in particular, have dropped to Phuket due to the ongoing war, as can be seen here.

Additionally, tourists from Ukraine and Russia have been stuck throughout Thailand since the war broke out. You can read more about that by clicking right here.


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